Wednesday, July 10, 2013



            I just filed my immediate resignation last June 26, 2013. I keep on praying to God that things will be smooth & easy as I submit the letter of resignation on that day. I am thinking all the possible reasons to convince them that I need to rest immediately. As much as I wanted to render one month, I don’t have the energy and motivation to do this.
            Ate Helen approached me and said I look terrible. My energy sapped and I lose weight.  The status of my health was too obvious in my appearance that I am unfit to work for the moment.
            After enduring all interrogations from my supervisor, she finally accepted the letter and submitted it. I don’t want to sound unkind on this journal but I know she mean what she said “Oh, why are you here?” in a sarcastic way. I just ignored it & I was too focused on how am I gonna tell her “I want to resign now!” in a proper way. I just waited for a couple of minutes after she submitted it and she told me everything was accomplished. Wheew! I am soooooo happy it was all done!
            I bid goodbye to my colleagues most especially to my teammates. I can’t believe the day I am finally waiting has come. To resign at work. Sad to say, I need to compromise my health just to make this possible. For more than a month, I had an on and off fever that I need to give up my part time job just to avoid further damage on the company. For a while, my sickness became my temporary escape from fulfilling my responsibilities as customer service representative. I need to rest because that’s the important thing to do. I lose appetite and I don’t have the energy. It feels that rest was sooooo expensive to afford.
My job affects me a lot and my health was compromised big time.   I’ve had enough of shouts and foul languages I am hearing from my customers over and over again. It’s really stressing and emotionally draining on my part. I don’t want to come back anymore but I don’t have a choice anyway. My mind still wants me to report at work but my body has surrendered and I know I need to listen to it.
So I made a decision to file an immediate resignation no matter what happens. As a rule in the company, I need to render at least one month or unless I have a medical certificate to make it possible. I prayed to God and never expected it will be easier than I’d expected. It was just less than 5 minutes approved after submitting it.
At first, I was a little bit sad that I don’t have a work anymore. But this is what I chose a couple of months ago and now it happened. It took me a while before the thought of that terrible job is finally gone and I don’t need to bother it every single day of my life. I am so happy and I felt a little better now. My body is starting to rejuvenate new strength and all my sickness suddenly gone. Well, there’s still cough but I feel better. It feels I had my life back now.
After my resignation, my health is slowly restoring. I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo free! I had a good sleep last night and all stressful thoughts and feeling was gone. I know the cause of this sickness was more psychological. I was just simply burned out from my job and I really need to give it up before it’s too late. Besides, I am about to be terminated due to my absences so I’d rather file it earlier than kick me out and create a bad record in my work experience. So I’d rather leave as soon as possible though it will really affect my finances.

Whatever happens, I am confident that God will provide everything I need. Meanwhile, I am resting to restore my health. I didn’t do anything except watching movies and writing this journal. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

When Puppy Love Becomes Real Love

What will you do if your crush will tell you he had the same feelings for you? Or what will you do if a man you used to admire 10 years ago will tell that he's still in-love with you?

As for me, puppy love is puppy love. Period. It's just pure infatuation that will just fade away sooner or later.

I was just a young normal teenager 10 years ago who happened to admire my cousin's barkada, which is a very typical story. I instantly like him the first time he was introduced to me by my cousin. He's cute and tall. Weeeeeee it sends shivers down my spine when I looked at him. I was mesmerized but I know I need to stay calm and composed or otherwise, I will be darn obvious. I know that he is kind and tender, hmmmmm, a boy next door type of guy whom you want to be with every single day. He looks like he could charm any woman he likes in a subtle way. Oh how I always fantasize that he would court me but I just shoved the idea. Am too young to think of having a romantic relationship during that time. Besides, it created me a devastating effect when he crack a joke over me saying I need to drink my milk.oooh grrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Yeah, I know I'm still young but I don't need him to stress out that I was too young for him. And I came to believe that I will never be the type of girl that he would wish to court (sigh!). When he said I need to drink my milk it looses my self-confidence, and worse, he made me feel that I can never be anyone than her younger sister...grrrrr......

We exchange communications in a form of a snail mail letter. But after two years, it stopped until I saw with my own two eyes the a girl with him. They're sweet with each other which slowly tear up my teenage heart in bits of pieces. The girl was cute and they look good on each other. Ouch!

I really don't have a choice but to move on anyway. I gradually learn to forget him and eventually found someone to love.The new found love was my college boyfriend. Unfortunately, the six years of unfaltering love untimely ended. We grew cold with each other and decided to move on. During that time, the bad news came from my cousin that the guy I used to admire few years ago was married. I just nodded and pretended not to be affected. I thought it doesn't matter but at the back of my mind, I can't believe myself telling I need to move on. What the heck!!!

So I know we have separate lives. I got myself a new boyfriend again after moving on with my six years relationship. Unfortunately, I got no luck this time again. I was completely devastated with our breakup.

And there he came again, the man I fell in love with 10 years ago. I was 17 years old, a teenager who desire him to be my boyfriend but it never happened. We keep in touch once again in Facebook and later, he's calling me everyday. He told me that his wife died a couple of months ago and from that on, our communications became open. It was after 10 years when I hear it straight from him that he loved me before .He was just afraid to lose our friendship that's why he never attempted to tell his feelings for me.

At first, I know we are treating each other as friends since both of us came from grieving. I know he needs someone to talk to so I offered my presence to him. He's the one I can confide with my problems before. I tried to ignore the feeling that i have for him, thinking that i will never fall in love with him. I never expected that the same teenager who fell in love with him 10 years will be the same person who will fall in love with him over and over again no matter how years it will take.

I tried to ignore my old feelings that's starting to grow. Am learning to fall in love with him and I can't deny this. I just realize there's no need for me to hide the feeling I have for him. I still love him. We're more than two years now & I didn't regret a single day that I decided to show this undying love for him. He's mine now, and I will never let him go. 10 years is more than enough! Rarh!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tHE Fulfilling Life of a Christian Teacher

It's been a long time since I updated my blog... I really missed it.. And it seems like i am a newbie in blog writing since I don't know how to start..weeeew... 

For the past few months I am sooooo busy in teaching here in STI. This is one of the most fulfilling work that I have because it was God who gave this to me. It's my ministry..I remember four years ago, teaching is the last thing I wanna do although I have all the guts to speak in front..My friends will tell me "why don't you become a teacher?" ..and I will simply shrug off saying " I have the skills but I don't have the attitude".

And now, I find myself teaching in the four corners of the classroom, in front of about more than 20 students per section....It was God who gave this fulfilling ministry of mine where He allows me to grow not just as a professional but as His follower and servant...He made me fall in love with my job. And most of all, He made me fall in love with my students. Though I've been slaving myself for almost 48 hours a week, the rewards are incomparable.

I know the students are learning from me...But i was the most grateful teacher in the whole world because it was me who learned a lot from them... They are teaching me how to me more loving, patient, gracious, and kind... Teaching them reveals me who I am right now and they show me the weaknesses that I need to overcome. In spite of this, I know they love me. And i love them. 

Though I am faraway from my church, I know that God is with me always to show me how should I love them. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Night of Extravagant Worship Before Grand Concert

I fell into Satan's trap just before I went to practice for a worship concert. I came to our practice with a very burden in my heart. I don't deserve Him. Remorse slowly hit me and I am so tired for being like this. I asked forgiveness but this guilt feeling won't go. I need His grace. I can't do this. I can't stand in His presence.

I sang three praises but felt that wasn't enough. Some of us were already committing mistakes when we already perfected it a couple of days ago. Am also tired and I know most of us have a lot of concerns to attend. But for the very last time, I want to give Him the best of my best and all the things that I haven't poured out before. I asked Him last night. Lord, please make me pleasing unto You, please make me do my very best unto You.

 During the last practice, it seems amo not doing my best yet. But I did in my own strength. I seek Him and wait for Him earnestly. I am desperate that night to give Him the best and the highest praises and worship that I ever have to offer. I felt that God is looking down upon us. He is seeking and searching for His worshippers. God knows our hearts. We want to pour our hearts unto Him. God saw it. And He didn't failed us. On our last song All of My Days, we worship not only through our mouth but through our hearts. He didn't want us to knees became weak and I fell into the floor..i felt to weak of His presence but all I want at that moment is to obey Him, please Him, and be consumed with His Holy Spirit.

The music is unstoppable and Sally is exhorting non-stop. And she fell in the floor. I grab again the phone and shout His praise non-stop. I went ballistic. My flesh is crying out of praise for Him. My being was so consumed of His grace, of His love, of His presence. I want to consume all of Him. We want to give Him praise and worship until our last energy because He deserves the best.The people in church vow down unto Him.. We felt His presence and we hear angels and trumpets. We're on the mountain but He is just near us among the the thousands of unseen worshipers and saints.

We know it's just an appetizer. God will do more on concert. And it was an unforgettable experience for the group.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Privilege to Glorify God in a Worship Concert

It's September now!!Few weeks from now we will celebrating the glory of God through a worship concert on September 27, 2009 at Albay Astrodome..weeeee.... we felt humbled and we felt so privileged to be a part of this big worship team. We are composed of different churches united together to worship God in a big concert...

We started the practice last month and we are now moving on to the polishings... The music team of Jesus Our Discipler church was honored to be a part of this big celebration in the kingdom of God...We had a good fellowship from different churches. They are humble and more dedicated to serve the Lord. We know deep in our hearts that we are united together in the name of the Lord to glorify Him, not to compete but to complete. We are here to empower and strengthen one another, not to showcase and boast off our skills and talents.

joseph n buddy on guitars..joseph in base, buddy in lead

a beautiful pastor's daughter, jane on rhythm guitar

cool jorem on drums..obvious b?hehe

a worshiper, guitarist,  drummer, our music coordinator, Lanie on keyboard

the worship leader sally and back-up singers ryan & mae

mae, ariel, and me on back-ups

the worship leaders ariel, ryan, mae, and me

the Group 2 Daraga Worship Team with the tambourine dancers
We are now ready to give glory to God on a night of concert. This is the team effort with the guidance of the Lord. There are billions of worshipers accroos the globe but we are few to be chosen to do a Godly task on earth. All the glory goes to Jesus for ever and ever!!!!Hallelujah!!! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SLTCFI Team Building

Finally, after a long wait, here we are at Mullner's Beach Resort in Bacacay Albay...
We did have fun and we maximize everything we got here: foods, foods, foods, lots of foods pa hehehee!!!its like a feast! videoke...i sang once... the great view, the sea, games, bonding moments, recreation..... and guess what we really enjoyed!!!
do you need proofs???

here we go!!!

our first meal-snacks pa lang yan...
mga hampas tubig!.. galing pa lang s dagat ligo nmn s gripo..weee

mga hampas tubig tlaga!he4! nagkakasya para s isang baldeng tubig..hay nakow..

mga girls daw ni sir john...hehe..jenny, goldy, halley, me, & angie..o san k p?!

start ng TEAM BUILDING s umaga

the puyaters...wooohooo!!!d talunan group n kasali aq dyan..oks lng kc may premyo nmn kmi s SEO QUIZ

the group shot of SEOs and all SL BPO Pips on the last day

group pics s seashore...pose p rin khit bagong gising..hehe